Good Landscaping Can Increase the Value of Your Home

A Reliable Landscaper That You Can On!

If you are about to put your property for sale on the real estate market in Dickinson, ND, you’d better consider some improvements, including your landscape first. Why is that necessary? Well, a property with a well maintained lawn does not only sell faster but it also has a higher market value! A 5% of your home’s value invested in creating a good-looking landscape can bring you as much as 150% ROI (Return on Investment). Of course, in order to get the desired results, you should forget the idea about DIY work and hire a professional landscaper.

  • box3You can sell your home up to 6 weeks faster when your landscape is well maintained than if your lawn is not maintained well.
  • Hardscape architecture also increases the value of your home. Design and installation of structural patios, arbors, water features, decorative pathways, etc. can result in almost 80% ROI. You will surely need a landscape design specialist if you want such job done in a professional manner.
  • Landscape renovation will also put you one step ahead of other homeowners in the neighborhood who are selling their homes. These renovations can be: replacement or movement of existing plants and trees, solving soil drainage problems, etc. They can increase the re-sale value of a home with 10%-15%.

For more information about how professional landscape design can help you sell your home, or if you want to book a reliable local landscaper, you can always turn to E N G Curbing. Our office number is (701) 264-9749!